Opus23 consultation

Opus23 is a software program that allows Dr. Gonick to create a clearer picture of the genes likely to be involved in your health challenges. Opus23Pro allows us to look at more than just a trait or two at a time and evaluate multiple genes that may contribute to the likely functioning of methylation, detoxification, catecholamine, sex hormone, and other pathways.

Dr. Gonick can use this to analyze your SNPs and translate the data it into clinically relevant information. This information can be used to in inform the recommendations of nutrients, supplements, treatments, and lifestyle changes that can best help you.

It also provides important information on treatments and medications which may be less effective or even harmful based on your individual SNPs.

First consultations are $240 plus initial visit rate.

Unless you already have had a DNA test with any of the following:, 23andme (either ancestry or health), and/or Genos, then the rate is $170 plus initial visit rate.

The most complete testing is a combination of 23andme and

Follow up Opus23 consultations (for additional health concerns) are $140.