Personalized Nutrition (SWAMI diet plan)

Serotyping with Advanced Modifying inventories

Dr. Gonick creates a complete diet recommendation for you based your health history, family history, blood type, epigenetic indicators, and other biometrics using the SWAMI Genotype software. She further customizes it to your needs including compensating for drug nutrient depletions and matching it to your diet restrictions.

After completing your intake, you will receive a binder containing your personalized diet plan. The binder is divided into 4 parts: introduction (including your GenoType rationale and customization), food lists, extras (including genoharmonic food list, link to meal planning and recipe software, shopping lists, and exercise guide), and a final section all about your GenoType in detail.

You will also have online access to your food list on your smartphone for shopping. Recipe binders and family diets guides are also available.

A SWAMI diet takes two separate visits: one for intake and measurements, and second to review and receive your binders of the diet and recipe suggestions. Often the first visit is combined with a new patient or follow up Naturopathic visit.

SWAMI reports are $150 plus initial visit. Updates to SWAMI diets are $90.